Become a Heavy Hitters Original



Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid.

Apply to become a Heavy Hitters Original for a chance to get paid to smoke weed, go to the best events and help others learn about Heavy Hitters and the best taste and most enjoyable high in California. We are looking for 20 of the most interesting, passionate, outgoing Heavy Hitters fans.

Read This Before You Apply


Step 1:

Make a 1 min video of yourself, including:

  • Why do you love Heavy Hitters?
  • What makes you an Original?
  • What is your special skill or talent?
  • Why should we pick you to be one of the Originals?
  • Tell people who watch the video why they should promote your application and how they can share your video (Link in bio:

Step 2:

Upload your video to YouTube.

  • In the description of the video, make sure you tell us why you would be a great Heavy Hitters Original

Step 3:

Go to (this page!)

  • Share your YouTube link in the form.

  • Fill out our quick online application (Apply above)

Step 4:

Upload the same video on your own Instagram profile, and tag @heavyhittersvape

Step 5:

Tell all your friends to go to, share your video and tag @heavyhittersvape on Insta. Use #HHOriginals

What Will The Originals Do?

  • Heavy Hitters Originals will be contract employees

  • Working approximately 20 hours a week – some weeks more, some weeks less

    • NOT a 9-5! You’ll be out and about sharing your passion for Heavy Hitters

    • We set events hours for 8-15 events per month at stores, and it’s your job to build hype for Heavy Hitters throughout the rest of the week online and at your own events

  • Taste test new Heavy Hitters products to help us continue to make the best vapes in California

  • Trend-spot for the dankest up-and-coming strains and share with the Heavy Hitters team

  • Get the newest Heavy Hitters products and strains before anyone else and share your thoughts on social media

  • Host Heavy Hitters Sesh events at dispensaries across California

    • Educate consumers about Heavy Hitters products

    • Share your special talent and skills at the events

  • Attend the hottest cannabis, music, and lifestyle events in California and represent Heavy Hitters while interacting with smokers and fans. Share videos, photos and live streams from events

  • Create social media content for Heavy Hitters social. Create, post, and tag!

  • Share your Heavy Hitters passion at events and parties you attend

What Do The Originals Get?

  • $500* credit to buy Heavy Hitters products per month *Originals will be given stipends - discounts on Heavy Hitters products.

  • That bread. $1200 per month

  • The chance to get your content seen by over 400K people per month through our partners' social media army

  • The dopest Heavy Hitters wardrobe and swag to rep your Originals status

  • Entry to all the best cannabis events across the state – travel expenses paid

  • Taste test new Heavy Hitters products to help us make the best vapes in California

    • Be the first to try new strains and give us feedback

  • Your chance to get known and get your name out there as an Heavy Hitters original. It’s an opportunity for you to get influencer, social media, marketing and cannabis experience in a growing industry.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Must be a resident of California

  • Must be 21+

  • Must LOVE Heavy Hitters

  • Must be passionate about cannabis

  • Must be outgoing and great at talking to people!

  • Must pass background check and drug test (cannabis is ok – come on)

  • Professionalism and ability to work independently to achieve defined goals

  • Must be legal to work in the US

Special consideration given to candidates who…

  • Are amazing at social media

  • Make bomb videos and take fire photos

  • Have an original skill or talent (Skate, Surf, BMX, Tattoo Art, Music, Dance, Art, Production, Streetwear Design, Memelord, or any other dope shit)

  • Embody the spirit of Heavy Hitters: Original, Raw, and Uncompromising

Tips For Making Good Videos

Move Forward

Nothing loses attention like inaction. You have the chance to control what we see; keep it moving. If all you have access to is a room then what’s better: sitting and talking or standing and talking? Why not both? Change it up, give a sense of motion, and reset the scene without editing; viewers will be hooked. Be creative within your limitations. Even verbally, a structured sense of moving forward through a story goes a long way. Start at the beginning — start at how you became an original.

Talking is Only Half of it

Ever heard that communication is only 7% verbal? Well, that's technically not true. But it does shine a light on a major video rule: show don’t tell. This video is one minute long and that’s not much time. This submission should demonstrate why you deserve to be in the spotlight and why fans should watch you. This isn't a radio audition, talk with your environment and what we can see. If you want upvotes, you've got to entertain.

You Have 20 Seconds

While not an exact science, most people decide if they’ll finish a minute-long within the first 20 seconds. That’s a small window. Get us hooked in a creative way. You skate? Tell us about yourself while you do it, don’t take 10 seconds to show us that you skate, then another 10 talking about it. Open big; the more the better. Once you have our attention, we’re in.

This is Your House and We’re Invited

Be comfortable, you’ll be traveling and telling the world about it. If you’re not personable in front of the camera, if you’re not at home, then neither are we. Everyone wants to travel the world, make the viewer want to see you travel the world. Remember, if you become a Heavy Hitters Original then California is your home, you’re showing us around.

Use What Only You Have

We are looking for true, authentic Heavy Hitters Originals — for a person with something unique. Are you funny? Be funny. Can you juggle? Juggle. Are you a great decorator? Let's see it. Whatever makes you original, be sure to show it off. Not everyone has access to great cameras or locations, but no one else has access to you.

Bring us into Your World

If personal limitations make it hard to shoot a video wherever you want, then put yourself in the world around you. Put some thought into where you’re setting up. Are you going to film in the bedroom? Is your artwork in there? No? Then don’t film in there. Every single thing in frame has a chance to captivate and communicate your story. Use that to your advantage.

Be Creative
Think outside the box. It may be your video but that doesn’t mean you can’t use help. Just having a friend hold the camera instead of a tripod opens up a whole world of movement. Don’t have a friend? Use a chair with wheels. As long as you keep it under a minute and hit all the points, there’s no limit to what you can show us.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

When it comes to a short, one minute video, there’s no reason to rehash information. Every second should be spent on furthering our knowledge about what makes you a Heavy Hitters Original. If you tell us something we just heard, we are not going to listen. If you’ve told us that you’re a tattoo artist, don't repeat yourself and tell us that you tattoo people. Instead, tell us what kind of artwork you do and why it’s original.

Please smoke responsibly in your videos and every day!