Family owned & operated to this day, Heavy Hitters remains committed to our founding principle: crafting the perfect high.

With purity of purpose, Heavy Hitters continues to propel the cannabis industry forward. Building on the legacy of pioneers who came before us, we seek perfection through unwavering commitment to the plant.

No shortcuts. No substitutes. No compromises.

With 27 years of cannabis experience and more than 10 million units sold, Heavy Hitters vapes rank among the bestselling premium cannabis products of all time.

Featuring a full range of oil types, formats and purpose-built delivery platforms, Heavy Hitters products combine top-tier input materials and uncompromising quality control to create expertly crafted cannabis experiences for our customers.

Currently, our product offering includes an innovative range of vapes, edibles, infused flower and beverages.

From west coast origins, Heavy Hitters has expanded operations to New York, continuing our mission to bring top-quality cannabis across the United States.


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