What makes Heavy Hitters different?

We offer dozens of strains all in high-potency formats. In addition, our product offering spans 1g cartridges, All-In-Ones, Pre-Rolls, Gummies, and Live Resin cartridges/concentrates. We're the original distillate vape company and still pushing the envelope every day to deliver exciting new products.  

How many puffs are in a cartridge?

This really depends on the user, however in general you can expect 100-200 puffs from a disposable, and 200-300 puffs from a 1-gram cartridge. These are just estimates, as some people puff on a cartridge for months and others for weeks.  

What do I do if I have a defective product or battery?

Please return your cartridge or battery in its original packaging to the dispensary from which you purchased it. If you have any issues or need further assistance, please contact info@heavyhitters.co.

Do you ship cartridges outside of California?

NO. We do not ship cartridges outside of California, nor do we sell products direct-to-consumer. The only place you will find a Heavy Hitters product is through a licensed California dispensary or a Nevada licensed dispensary.

How can I verify that my Heavy Hitters product is authentic?

Great question and we're glad you asked. If you purchased your Heavy Hitters product from one of our licensed dispensaries found in our store locator the product is authentic. We do not sell products to unlicensed dispensaries, or dispensaries outside the state of California. If you want to confirm further, we recommend you email info@heavyhitters.co. We take counterfeit products very seriously, and would be delighted to assist you.  
The best way to avoid scams and counterfeits is to only shop from legal dispensaries and delivery services. Leafly.com is a great resource that only lists licensed retailers. Here's a few things to keep an eye out for when purchasing cannabis:

1. Licensed cannabis manufacturers cannot sell directly to a customer, and can only sell to licensed distributors. Though some brands’ websites have plug-ins now that allow you to place orders with dispensaries or delivery, it is plainly stated and visible on those services that the cannabis is being purchased from a different source.
2. Always check for a RETAIL license number. It is a California state requirement for all cannabis licensees to post their license number on their websites. Most will put this on the bottom of the page, or in the contact info. A license number will look like: C10-xxxxxxx-LIC. If there's not one listed... RED FLAG.
3. It's a federal crime to ship cannabis through any mail systems, public or private. If a site is offering to do so... RED FLAG
4. If a site only accepts alternative payment options like Venmo, CashApp, or cryptocurrency like bitcoin... RED FLAG
5. If you have to pay $200-$300 at a time this is also a RED FLAG. This is usually indicative of a scam online and they’re most likely not planning on sending you any product and just want the most money out of you the first time.

Where can I find Heavy Hitters?

At most licensed dispensary in California and Nevada, as well as dozens of licensed delivery services. For a full list and interactive directory, click here.