Pure speed, Pure flavor. Infused with 99%+ pure THCA diamonds, Heavy Hitters’ Fast-Acting Sour Gummies offer a clean high that hits quickly. These gummies are made with real fruit concentrate, bursting with bold and sour flavors. Averaging an effect onset within 15 minutes, these gummies undergo a plant-based emulsification process that supports faster cannabinoid absorption without sacrificing flavor.

10mg THC per piece. All-natural flavors. Gluten free. Dairy free. Nut free.

THCA Diamonds are created from full spectrum extract and offer a potent, cerebral high.


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  • Indica Strain *

    Sour Cherry
  • Sativa Strain *

    Sour Peach
  • Hybrid Strain *

    Sour Watermelon


  • Sour Cherry *

    Taste Profile: Cherry Fruit, Sour
  • Sour Peach *

    Taste Profile: Peach Fruit, Sour
  • Sour Watermelon *

    Taste Profile: Watermelon Fruit, Sour

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Cannabinol (CBN) is a promising minor cannabinoid created when THC is aged in oxygen and light.

CBN combined with THC may create more powerful sedation effects than THC alone, offering users a better night’s sleep and well rested mornings.

Heavy Hitters uses the same premium indoor cannabis found in our Diamond Pre-Rolls for our extracts, only accepting the top one percent of source material from California’s premier farmers.

Extraction is art and science. It takes a master distiller to ensure we extract clean, pure Delta-9 THC without burning or oxidizing the concentrate. The goal is to remove the fats, waxes, chlorophyll and unwanted terpenes, while delivering the perfect taste. Our experienced team completes six different quality checks on every cartridge. The result is the most pure and potent oil on earth; clear, smooth and consistently effective.

Heavy Hitters adheres to rigorous testing standards for all of our cannabis products. We test for heavy metals, pesticides, plant residue and unwanted contaminants. This strict process ensures a safe, clean cannabis extract.

For the ideal vaping experience please use: Low (2.0V) Medium (2.5V) on a HH variable temp battery. (2.0V) (2.5V)

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