Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract represents the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship. Combining top-tier input material and uncompromising quality control, Heavy Hitters benchmark oil delivers an ultra-pure, perfectly crafted cannabis experience, every time. Ultra Extract is sourced from the top 1% of California indoor flower and extracted within 60 days of harvest. This ensures a clear, smooth, and exceptionally tasting oil. Boasting 90%+ THC, the 0.3G disposable pen is designed for experienced users on the go.


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  • Description - Diablo OG *

    Heavy Hitters' Diablo OG is a indica with a flower-forward taste, that finishes with notes of citrus. This strain delivers a soft, euphoric body high.

    Taste Profile: Woody, Spicy, Herbal

    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Full-body, Sleepy, Calm

    Lineage: OG Kush crossed with Diablo
  • Description - Grandaddy Purple *

    Heavy Hitters' GrandDaddy Purple is an indica that is a cross between Purple Urkle x Big Bud. This powerful strain combines sweet berry taste with delicious grape undertones. Potent effects will clear your mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.

    Taste Profile: Sweet Berry, Grape, Fruity

    Effect Profile: Cerebral Euphoria, Physical Relaxation, Full-body, Sleepy

    Lineage: Purple Urkle crossed with Bug Bud
  • Description - Malubu *

    Heavy Hitters' Malibu OG is a light indica with a refreshing, tropical taste profile finished with notes of hibiscus. This strain delivers a happy, well-balanced high.

    Taste Profile: Hibiscus, Pineapple, Tropical

    Effect Profile: Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy

    Lineage: A phenotype of OG Kush, the exact lineage is still a closely guarded secret
  • Description - Northern Lights *

    Heavy Hitters' Northern Lights is an indica with a flower-dominant taste profile providing a sleepy, heavy high.

    Taste Profile: Pine, Earthy, Spicy

    Effect Profile: Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy

    Lineage: Afghani Indica crossed with Thai Sativa
  • Description - Forbidden Fruit *

    Heavy Hitters' Forbidden Fruit is a spirit-lifter that alleviates stress with a sense of euphoria before leaving you in a heavy, calming state. It has a delicious and complex combination of cherry and citrus flavors, with lingering floral notes.

    Taste Profile: Cherry, Citrus, Floral

    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Calming, Stress Alleviation

    Lineage: Cross between Cherry Pie x Tangie
  • Description - Cloudberry *

    Cloudberry is a uniquely delicious strain with powerful effects that completely relax the body while sending the imagination soaring. The perfect way to happily and creatively enjoy your day or night while keeping your head in the clouds and the sweet taste of candied berries dancing on your tongue.

    Taste Profile: Berries, Sweet, Earthy

    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Relaxed, Creative
  • Description - GMO *

    Deserving of all the hype, GMO (aka Garlic Cookies) is one of the heaviest hitting Indica hybrids available, eclipsing the sedating effects of even some of the strongest pure Indicas. The funky, full flavor of garlic, coffee, and sweet cookies coupled with its intense high makes GMO the top choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

    Taste Profile: Garlic, Coffee, Cookies

    Effect Profile: Calming, Creative, Sleep inducing
  • Description - Mango OG *

    Mango OG is a heavy hitting staple, and ours is no exception. The minute you get a taste of this tangy, unmistakably mango indica, your negative energy evaporates and you lose yourself in full-body relaxation. Make sure you’re someplace comfy, because you’re going to want to take a good nap after a few bites of Mango OG.ption

    Taste Profile: Mango, Citrusy, Earthy

    Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Description - God's Gift *

    With a heavenly high and an earthy bouquet, God’s Gift is a divinely inspired indica - perfect for getting you in a relaxed and creative state of mind. Be advised: This strain packs a fair amount of sleepiness, so God’s Gift is best enjoyed in evenings and nights, preferably in a comfortable spot where you can really relax and touch the sky.

    Taste Profile: Earthy, Berries, Sweet

    Effect Profile: Relaxed, Happy, Creative
  • Description - Watermelon OG *

    Earthy and sweet, with a big vine-ripe watermelon flavor, this sedative-inducing Indica cross of Watermelon Z and Tahoe Hydro OG, is the perfect choice for a relaxing day, or a great night’s sleep.

    Taste Profile: Watermelon, Sweet, Earthy

    Effect Profile: Heavy, Euphoric, Sleepy

    Lineage: Watermelon Z x Tahoe Hydro OG
  • Description - The Truth *

    An award-winning strain first introduced by Heavy Hitters in 2016, The Truth boasts a uniquely delicious OG Kush taste profile, elevated by the taste of sweet, juicy, pears and an earthy, skunky aroma. The Truth is a truly balanced hybrid, with waves of relaxation and focused euphoria, ideal for calming the body while creatively inspiring the mind.

    Taste Profile: Earthy, Sweet, Pear

    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Relaxed, Creative

    Lineage: Triangle Kush x SFV OG
  • Description - Acapulco Gold *

    Celebrating 25 years in the game, the Acapulco Gold Special Edition is a testament to the Heavy Hitters legacy of perfection. Native to Acapulco, Mexico this strain’s unique golden color and high potency made this strain immensely popular during the 1960s counterculture movement. A special grade of cannabis, Acapulco Gold remains one of the most sought-after strains for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

    Taste Profile: Sweet, Creamy, Earthy

    Effect Profile: Motivated, Uplifted, Euphoric

    Lineage: Acapulco Gold
  • Description - Blue Dream *

    Heavy Hitters' Blue Dream is a sativa with floral notes, finished with a cerebral, full-body high.

    Taste Profile: Blueberry, Sweet, Pine

    Effect Profile: Cerebral, Full-body high, Creative, Aroused

    Lineage: Blueberry Crossed With Haze
  • Description - Jack Herer *

    Heavy Hitters' Jack Herer is a sativa with earthy, flower-forward taste, delivering the quintessential daytime high, perfect for creatives and those in need of a little focus.

    Taste Profile: Earthy, Piney, Woody

    Effect Profile: Creative, Focused, Euphoric, Uplifted

    Lineage: Northern Lights crossed with Shiva Skunk
  • Description - Sour Diesel *

    Heavy Hitters' Sour Diesel is a sativa with earthy taste note for dreamy cerebral effects.

    Taste Profile: Citrus, Peppery, Herbal

    Effect Profile: Creative, Focused, Calm

    Lineage: Chemdawg x Super Skunk
  • Description - Strawberry Cough *

    Heavy Hitters’ Strawberry Cough is a sativa strain with a happy, refreshing, cerebral effect that awakens your creativity. It has a sugary-sweet strawberry taste with earthy undertones, followed by a candied berry flavor that clings to your taste buds

    Taste Profile: Sweet Strawberry, Earthy, Candied Berry

    Effect Profile: Happy, Creative, Uplifted, Energized

    Lineage: Cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze
  • Description - Durban Poison *

    With its extremely potent Sativa effects, Durban Poison is the quintessential “Wake n’ Bake” strain. You’ll feel energetic, creative, and happy, all while enjoying a medley of herbal and citrus flavors.

    Taste Profile: Herbal, Pine, Sweet

    Effect Profile: Energetic, Creative, Happy

    Lineage: Landrace Sativa strain native to South Africa
  • Description - Purple Haze *

    This legendary sativa leaning strain got its popularity from the 1967 song Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. With a dreamy burst of euphoria that brings veteran consumers back to their psychedelic heyday, one can expect a burst of energy followed by a generous boost in creativity and blissful contentment.

    Taste Profile: Dark Berries, Haze, Earthy

    Effect Profile: Energetic, Euphoric, Creative

    Lineage: A phenotype of the original Haze
  • Description - Pineapple Express *

    Heavy Hitters' Pineapple Express is a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong tropical onset and a full-body, long-lasting high.

    Taste Profile: Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical

    Effect Profile: Creative, Focused, Aroused, Uplifted

    Lineage: Trainwreck crossed with Hawaiian
  • Description - Skywalker OG *

    Heavy Hitters' Skywalker OG is a hybrid with pine notes and a touch of citrus. It hits with the well-rounded body high of an Indica, but promotes focus and mental clarity.

    Taste Profile: Earthy, Sweet, Berry

    Effect Profile: Euphoric, Creative, Focused, Full-body

    Lineage: OG Kush crossed with Skywalker
  • Description - Banana OG *

    Heavy Hitters' Banana OG is a hybrid union of OG Kush and Banana Kush featuring a piney and earthy flavors of a true OG kush combined with sweet bananas. It offers an extremely relaxing body and mental effect that leaves you in a state of bliss.

    Taste Profile: Piney, Earthy, Sweet Bananas

    Effect Profile: Relaxing, Full-body, Bliss

    Lineage: Cross between OG Kush and Banana Kush
  • Description - Screaming Orange *

    A cross of Jaffa Cake and Grandpas Breath F2, this tangy, orange-citrus flavored Hybrid delivers a stimulating and euphoric head high, with a relaxing, functional body high.

    Taste Profile: Orange Citrus, Gassy, Tangy

    Effect Profile: Uplifting, Euphoric, Calming

    Lineage: Jaffa Cake x Grandpas Breath F2
  • Description - Big Apple *

    This cross of Apple Fitter and Sherbert hits like a big, tart apple with a bit of diesel, and hits with a focused, creativity-driving high, followed by a perfectly relaxed state.

    Taste Profile: Apple, Tart, Diesel

    Effect Profile: Creative, Focused, Relaxed

    Lineage: Cross of Apple Fritter and Sherbert
  • Description - Cereal Milk *

    A cross of Y Life and Snowman, this hybrid combines a sugary-sweet, creamy taste, with a high that is happy and calming.

    Taste Profile: Fruity, Creamy, Sweet

    Effect Profile: Happy, Social, Calming

    Lineage: Cross between Y Life and Snowman
  • Description - Mint OG *

    Fresh mint, crumbly-cookie goodness makes Mint GSC a cheerful companion for a euphoric, full-body high. Available in a convenient All-In-One form-factor for those essential stealth puffs at the holiday table.

    Taste Profile: Mint, Herbal, Cookie

    Effect Profile: Cheerful, Relaxed, Hungry

    Lineage: Phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
  • Description - Hawaiian Dreams *

    Heavy Hitters' Hawaiian Dream is a 3:1 CBD blend with sweet, pineapple cake undertones.

    Taste Profile: A soft, calm body high

    Lineage: Blue Dream crossed with Maui Wowie
  • Description - AC/DC *

    Heavy Hitters' AC/DC is a 1:1 THC/CBD hybrid, featuring a flower-forward taste profile paired with a mild, restorative high.

    Taste Profile: Earthy, woody and pine

    Effect Profile: A clean body high

    Lineage: Cannatonic crossed with Ruderalis

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